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An electronic application that provides family counseling through consultants specialized in the social, family and educational aspects in complete privacy and confidentiality, to build a cohesive family that contributes to achieving a cohesive society that combines authenticity and modernity.

Waaiy Application

Waaiy Application

(Waaiy Center for Family Counseling) affiliated with the Association for Awareness and Social Rehabilitation - Waaiy aims to provide specialized counseling in the social, family and educational aspects to maintain family cohesion and community solidarity and promote it in a way that enables it to perform its mission towards building a righteous and cohesive generation, God willing, by spreading the culture of tribal counseling and seeking assistance With specialists in family reform to confront family problems (such as divorce, raising children, poor compatibility, personality disorder, etc.) and adopting faith, moral and human values based on respect and compassion .

Application Features

Application Features

Easy and fast application

The application provides a user experience for the consultation seeker.

Privacy and confidentiality

We are keen to provide consultations with complete safety, privacy and confidentiality

Application screens

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